One killed and two injured in shootings in the past 24 hours

Police are investigating shootings in Port-of-Spain, Laventille and Tobago.

According to reports, residents along Eastern Main Road, near the John John Viaduct, heard a series of explosions around 10:30 a.m. and upon investigation found a bleeding man lying on the grass.

He had been shot several times.

Police were notified and officers from the Homicide Bureau and Besson Street Police Station responded.

Initial reports indicated that the victim was unresponsive.

Meanwhile, a 39-year-old man was shot dead in Laventille last night.

The deceased has been identified as Jerome Findley of Wharton Street, Laventille.

According to police reports, Findley was walking along Wharton Street yesterday around 7:30 PM when an SUV pulled up next to him.

Four men, armed with firearms, exited the vehicle and began shooting at Findley.

He ran a short distance to a nearby soccer field and collapsed.

The suspects then fled the scene.

Residents alerted police and emergency services, but Findley died at the scene.

Police have no motive for the shooting.

However, they were told the SUV was “patrolling” the area about 30 minutes prior to the shooting.

And one man is in serious condition after a shooting in Tobago last night.

The victim was sitting under a tree near Turtle Beach.

Residents heard several explosions around 7:28 p.m. and upon investigation found the victim lying on the ground.

Police were contacted and a team led by Sergeant Ewing responded.

The injured man was taken to Scarborough General Hospital.

Police said more than 30 spent grenades were found at the scene of the shooting.