InmoCrypto Argentina and Grupo Vive Soluciones Inmobiliarias organize the 1ª Jornada Inmobiliaria InmoCrypto



The company specialized in buying houses with cryptocurrency has developed a 100% regulated economy in Spain that allows mobile phone reversal and banknote payments. And the event will increase inversion options in Spain with crypto coins from Argentina

InmoCrypto Argentina and Grupo Vive Soluciones Inmobiliarias present la Primera Jornada Inmobiliaria InmoCryptoThis is a reversal of the sector of mobility and future residents of Argentina. The event is usually on May 4 at Hotel Novotel, located on Avenida Corrientes núm. 1334 Buenos Aires.

The jornada is completely free for all people who need help. At the beginning of the day, at 10:15 AM, you will go to a café with medialunas.

After the research is completed, an exhibition will be created related to the themes related to the inversion of mobility in Spain. More concrete becomes more profound in aspects like this methodology of inversion, la classification of the inversor, las Formas de trasladar el dinero a Españala necessary documentation for reversal you lose tips for rental.

After the presentation is completed, it will take 12 hours for you to complete a consultation round during a session at 12:30 PM networks while the assistants can exchange ideas among themselves and contact the mobility sector. The jornada can start at 1:30 PM.

La Primera Jornada Inmobiliaria InmoCrypto This is specifically intended for the following cases:

  • Quieran can get a mayor who implements his reversals.
  • Use 100% safe and regulated turnaround strategies.
  • If you reverse time, you can turn into an Ahorro plan.
  • The purpose of your life is for imports to be revalued over time.
  • Make sure you take advantage and declare your benefits.
  • Part of the budget to do this with a company.
  • Protect the dinner of a future incierto.
  • Think of a new plan for vida in Spain.

Secretly, many cases can play an interesting role in the event. No problem, it is not 100% recommended for the following cases:

  • You are supposed to use dinner effectively, which cannot be a justification.
  • There is a purpose for use that can influence the trusted economy.
  • You can apply to reverse in Spain.
  • You cannot declare the benefits of the hacienda in Argentina or Spain.

It is possible to obtain more information reserve a plaza on la Primera Jornada Inmobiliaria InmoCrypto visitando is enlace.

This is a great opportunity to exploit the possibilities of mobile phone reversal in Spain with cryptocurrency.

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