Now Colombians play among the best world titles: Reciben el sello international Bandera Azul

This is a way to take into account the maritime costs of the planet that contribute positively to the mediocre atmosphere, culture and bienestar of local actors and our communities.

A positive news is that the last time of the year has brought the hermosa of the current country and the world panorama: new beaches of Colombia, which have been sold with the international Blue Flag (Bandera Azul).

This is distinguished by the maritime costs of the planet that contribute positively to the mediocre atmosphere, culture and life of local actors and their communities, over other aspects.

Water caliber, security, services, management, education, environmental information and “compromising with the management of our tourist destinations” are the razones that form the basis for the Ambiental Education (FEE) to distinguish estas playas colombianas.

You can get the Galardón destinations in the following locations: Playa El Edén and Playa Palo Blanco, the Tolú, Sucre.

For next time there is another group of galardonadas: El Morro, and Tumaco, Nariño; Playa Dorada, and Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca; Playa Blanca, in Santa Marta, Magdalena, and Playa Segunda Ensenada, in Coveñas, Sucre.

You can make a special discovery among the beaches that the Bandera Azul manera has preserved between the years: Bello Horizonte, in Santa Marta; Playa Azul de La Boquilla, in Cartagena, and Playa de Johnny Cay, on San Andrés Isla.

This is associated with a bioeconomy

The organization of the sale of Bandera has great significance for the ecological system of the players on the playing field by stimulating local tourism and extravagant tourism, increasing the quality of recreational opportunities, and the next steps, regulations, planning and other decisions are facilitated by the playas.

At the same time, consolidating the responsible and sustainable development of tourism in each municipality implies a similar association with the bioeconomy.

Esfuerzo en sinergia

The Deputy Minister of Turismo, Arturo Bravo, manifested that “of Gobierno del Cambio is an integral part of new playgrounds, with great impact and tourist attraction, which makes a difference between comparison and competition for other destinations and increasing the value of the environment and the paisajístico”.

Indication that these new play certificates are the result of the economy and the energy of the Ministerio de Comercio, Industry and Turismo, the costs of the municipal costs and the Asociación Colombiana de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ambiental (Acodal), which represents the actors of the sector bringing together water and basic health care are the official operator of the Banderas Azules program, a representation of the FEE in Colombia.

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It is likely that the promotion and dissemination of education programs will bring more personas and environmental activities onto the playing field; in the event that Colombia has obtained an important international certificate, and also has the best destinations in the world for beach tourism”, became the director of Acodal’s projects, Andrés Chaves Solano.

Así Colombia is the Bandera Azul

In 2023, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism has invested more than 3,200 million pesos in the technology sector, studios and apoyos in need of playground equipment.

In 2024, new initiatives have been taken to guarantee a wave of reversals for 5 million pesos.

Because we can judge the turnarounds, dedication, time and coordination that the locals have, we will see that some people can log a fortune from new players”, puntualizó the Deputy Minister Arturo Bravo.