Alarma en la Selección Argentina: a club of Europe asks Pablo Aimar as an entrepreneur


El Payasito can follow your carrera lejos de la Albiceleste.

Aimar can perform the selection of the selection.
© IMAGO/AFLOSPORTAimar can perform the selection of the selection.

Part of the three parts for the last part of the tempo, el Benfica It’s likely that you could get a title in the wrong place. It is so that eliminating the elimination on la Kopa the Portugal and semi-finals and the la UEFA Europa League in the final stage, indicating that it is PrimeiraLiga ganará el Sporty LisbonIf you are going to present in your immediate area, this is a campsite.

The question is whether the leadership of the weld Aguilasthe intention is to guarantee continuity Angel Di Maríathis is a deal for you InterMiamiit’s a pensando in an entrepreneurial world, and that’s what you can do Pablo Cesar Aimarhi ayudante de Lionel Scaloni en la Selection Argentina.

Según informado por CNN de Portugal, Rui Costathe president Benficaquiere que el Payasitowhen he was at the top of the club in 2008 and 2013, he was the current director of his equipment, in the event that his entrepreneur Roger Schmidtdecide to determine the last price of the tempo.

If you are concerned with your information, it will be explained halfway through Schmidt The company that expresses itself on the Portuguese equipment will conclude a new contract in June 2026, and in this context you will have to deal with the reimbursement of the freight.

Aimar is a carpet from Benfica. (Photo: IMAGO/PA Images).

Cabe destacar que Rui Costa conoce y muy bien a AimarI want to make a comparison with a plantel Benfica And because you are considering an option to work with your equipment, if you are a business owner, a carpet is not ten years old.

For other people, in case you get blamed Payasito al portugués, your first experience with a first equipment, and also to be able to discover your lugar in la Selection Argentina en la previa del inicio de la Copa America de los Estados Unidos.

There are countless Pablo Aimar in his life at Benfica

During Portuguese football, the volunteer often contested a total of 179 games, and there were another 17 and about 45 auxiliaries. Además, logró ganar cinco titulos a nivel local

Do you want to win the Copa America?

The certificate of the continental arrival on June 20 and the inaugural party are correspondence Group A of certamen. And if you do, see the actual campsite, la Selection Argentina against la Selection the Canadawhich is classified as preceding the repetition Trinidad j Tobago.