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The police and Colombian police have implicated various criminal links in extortion cases in 149 cases in several Colombian citizens, who have been informed of the authorization four times.


The operación fue desplegada in ciudades como Bogotá, Barranquilla o Medellín, en departamentos (provincias) como Cundinamarca y Boyacá (inland), Córdoba y Bolívar (north), entre otros.

There are 149 people employed by criminal groups such as the Clan del Golfo, Los Costeños, La Inmaculada, Espartanos, and others; between the two there are seven integrantes of the group who worked with Arcángeles in a neighborhood of Bogotá and the municipality of Soacha, aledaño in the capital of Colombia.

The way the insurance takes place consists of contact with our victims, personal information from lawyers to ask for an invitation to the outside, the expensive dinner in the area can lead to illegal elements or no declarations.

Other detenidos include a man of 23 years who extorts a merchant in Villavicencio, the capital of the Meta department (centro), while the lograr imposes his trust on social reason and establishes a sentimental relationship.

In this way, the people who advertise do not have access to our requirements, we hear the offender before the communication media and contact his person to go to the next step.

During the operation there are 9 firearms, 3 granadas, 1 vehicle, 5 motorcycles and 84 celebrities who use a few people to battle these delitos.

Golpes a criminal organization

There are 8 players of the Clan del Golfo in the department of Bolivar (north) who, from the police, are obliged to pay 10,000 pesos per hectare (2.5 dólars) and 100,000 pesos (25.6 dólars) per hectare de tierra .

«Entre los capturados se encuentra alias ‘El hombre’, used as sicario and cobrador the extortion of the criminal organization, the registration of anotaciones for the delitos de fabricación, traffic and firearms port, personal injuries, pain and murder », more information about politics in a communication.

Meanwhile, 27 different groups of Los Costeños have engaged in extortion from various production sectors and residents of Barranquilla General, in the department of Atlántico (north).

As the debts in the operation grow, the consequences of the tax order can be enforced as extortion or concierge for delinquir.

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