Encuentran con vida a joven universitaria desaparecida in Valparaíso

Confirmation by the PDI time for these four days, the visit to María José Berrios.

The young university left Valparaíso on Monday, April 29, facing the last point, at 11:00 am on Pedro Montt street with Rodríguez.

While an intensive busquede, María José was exposed to life in the community of Quilpué.

The subject of the assassination brigade in Valparaíso, subprefecto Flavio Espinoza, informs that the young man is in a situation that is close to the zoögico of the community, which gives the possibility of using the revision of the security cameras and telephony antennas to appear.

If you are informed of the known youth, the youth of 21 years lives at the Quilpué hospital base to determine your Salud status.