WikiLeaks criticizes international reports in Chile for Assange’s extradition

The WikiLeaks delegation includes Kristinn Hrafnsson, Member of Chile and Marco of the World Day of Libertad de Prensa Organization of UNESCO. During the event that gathers the whole world in the world and Charlas, “an ideal forum to debate and move before the proxima audience of the extradition of Julian Assange, program for the 20th of May”, the delegation on a means of communication.

The public has established that Assange has not extradited to EE.UU. This country has conducted an investigation with charges that would have yielded a 1917 espionage proposal 175 years ago.

On a visit to Chile, Hrafnsson, an associate of Jennifer Robinson, head of Assange’s defense, and Joseph Farrell, WikiLeaks embajador, joined forces with parliamentary and Chilean authorities to save the hechos. People, who informed a communication tool, said that “the message of the President Gabriel Boric could be answered, that he represented an important message in a global context”.

“There is a point of critical criticism for Julian as the future of freedom of expression in the world,” confirms Kristinn Hrafnsson. We agree that “the president of Boric is among its progressive leaders like Gustavo Petro, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Luis Arce, and Alberto and Cristina Fernández, who presented Assange’s manifesto in 2022 , while Australia becomes increasingly proactive in its defense”: This sentiment confirms that “it is crucial to preserve the fundamental principles and be able to establish precedents to deal with periodistas and indict the entire world.”

The WikiLeaks delegation is such that it “produces in a context that makes clear the erroneous guarantees for part of the Unidos states, especially if there is no application of the world of money, increasing international concern. These concerns are secondary to the need for a global compromise with justice and respect for humanitarian processes in transnational legal processes.”

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