RTVC and Dimayor are keen to pass on their football matches

The director of Rtvc, Hollman Morris, confirmed that the institutional channel organization entered into a partnership with the mayor of the Colombian football division, with the final of broadcasting the first division events on all other countries.

In between, it is true that the Dimayor the transmission of the broadcasts to the radio-nacional of Colombia, the cuenta with presentation in different regions of Colombia, passes through the frequency AM and FM frequencies and the broadcasts of Paz.

The land was realized on Saturday, May 4, at 7 p.m. in the section of Junior and Millonarios at the Estadio Metropolitano de Barranquilla. The second broadcast is the one between Santa Fe and Tolima, which is in the Estadio El Campín in Bogotá.

The apparatus that has integrated deportivos by the narrator Luis Alfredo Hernández and the commentator Laura Ruiz, led by the periodical Carlos Orduz, is now beginning to think of a radio communications service of Radio Nacional de Colombia, which in the last years of the century is busy radial.

“Con este reto que suppose that RTVC is a paso that focuses on deportivos of more Colombian colleges, where it is possible that you are inspired and are a unir with the personas, a family, with the magic and the auditory experience of a única compartida that brinda has done more than the last decades of Radio Nacional de Colombia”, commented on the communication of Hollman Morris, director of RTVC.

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