Francisco Kaminski: “Estoy and a relationship with Camila”

Francisco Kaminski has discovered his version of marriage with Carla Jara in the program “Podemos Hablar”.

In a conversation with JC Rodríguez, Kaminski admitted that he was in a relationship with Camila Andrade.

“There is a relationship with Camila”, confesses that Carla Jara gave disculpa to Andrade at the Festival de Puente Alto.

“I came at another time with Carla Jara, at this time I was a house for home,” said the animador.

With respect to Brazil, Years has described the relationship we have with Camila, while the people through WhatsAPP are “a tono of coqueteo, but not an infidel”.

While he was undertaking, Kaminski said that “It is a mistake that the passes came into Carla in Brazil”.