Gonzalo Jara has made a recording of Edinson Cavani

Selection Chilena

The American bicampe does not go further than the sensational record of the 2015 Copa América.

Gonzalo Jara has not experienced his misfortune before Edinson Cavani
Gonzalo Jara has not experienced his misfortune before Edinson Cavani

The primera Copa America since the selection in Chile in 2015, a series of unsolved histories have appeared and reached the entire finals of the year Alexis Sanchez picándole el balón a Sergio Chiquito Romero. Make it clear that Marc is the exito of the Roja while he is the Chilean trinity before Uruguay while Gonzalo Jara will spend his life in the future Edinson Cavani.

Since this moment, it is the ex-defense of the generation Dorada, which is TNT commentary, record of the last match that can be played in the National Stadium.

“If the consequences of this war in Uruguay start at the age of 10 and the American American camps have not arrived,” Jarita says.

Gonzalo Jara has made a much bigger call on how he could respond to his actuarial situation, in the situation where he goes around the world.

Gonzalo Jara is not bothered by Edinson Cavani.

“I am not arrepiento and absoluto. What is the hizo of football football? ¿Quién no pisó a un compañero? There is a time when sales are stopped, yes, it is regrettable, but I have not returned,” reiterates.

Edinson Cavani vs. Paulo Diaz

In the ultimate Argentine Superclassic, a situation took place in which a lot of attention was paid: Paulo Díaz de River Plate, who a fuerte choque with the Uruguayan Cavani, delantero of Boca Juniors, who did the most, has received references by Gonzalo Jara en 2015.