Antonio Guterres llega a Chile a provocar

The Secretary General of Naciones Unidas Antonio Guterresllego a Santiago the Chile to preside over the system’s biennial reunion Naciones Unidas. During the presentation of the conference at the Palacio de la Moneda, the President Gabriel Boric critic durament a Israel as responsible for “a one-sided mass murder”. For your part, Guterres Rogo para que Israel j Hamas lleguen acuerdo.

See that the Secretary General of the la ONU Opinion on current international themes, but no possibility to refer to academic studies Chili have more than 50 years. Guterres do not object to the situation of politics and be unapologetic if you find yourself in a political sector in a down-to-earth world.

As a result, your emotion is caused by a visit to the spacho Salvador Allende. Guterres Olvida, o no quiere entender, que Allende If a Marxist president is probably the president of history Chili. El gobierno de Allende destroy the economy, the international convivencia and the social economy of the Cuban dictatorship Fidel Castro. After 65 years of dictation, receive ahora la ONU aboga por más democracia on the island of the Caribbean.

BoricIf you participate in the crisis, the North American country is responsible for the crisis in Cuba. If you notice the Chilean military, as a “criminal and sanguinaria diktat”, you ignore Augusto Pinochet and the military army participates in democracy Patricia Aylwin. It is common for the Chilean people to bear the brunt of all the problems Chilia gobierno who has terminó 54 ​​years.

The president BoricI think of the Chilean ex-president Michelle Bacheletas a relevant figure of weld Naciones Unidas. It’s impressive Naciones Unidas Your functions will automatically be better assigned as major solutions to global problems. It is an indication that this is the case ONU no problem solving as entre Israel j Palestine. Tampoco intervened effectively in the battle Russia con Ukraine You can no longer find yourself in the crisis Haiti.

La ONU It is completely ineffective in our business operations – or at worst – in many cases it exacerbates the illegal immigration crisis. Regarding the climatic conditions, most infestations can ignore the recommendations of the climate ONU.

Venezuela, Cuba j Nicaragua when it comes to multilateral organizations, including a la OEA Yes CEPAL. La ONU It is an elephant that moves forward blankly, a large number of functional functions, which can be included in a certain class through the world and accommodated in many hotels. There are no pagan influences and no ideological evaluations of the labor are possible. La ONU The children have received decades of ex-functional positions from the Chilean people, many of their mediocre people who had positions.

Guterres If we see the history of the President of Chile, a serious crisis is caused by the government with serious international security problems, large appropriations and illegal immigration. Boric no supera in the 30% of the Apoyo and your Coalición de Gobierno is codirigida por el Partido Comunista Chileno, one of the most ortodoxos in the world. The directive recently became this party Cuba apoyando a la dictadura cubana.

Guterres concordó con Boric in need of reform Council of Seguridad the drawer ONU. Lo que ni Guterres ni Boric plantearon, it is urgent to reorganize ONU of its inhabitants, for a modern organism to be efficient, multiple, and that it is not possible to capture it by its functionalities.