Radiography of the state of connectivity in Colombia: poor infrastructure and inclusive politics

The access density for about 100 residents is at 17.09, you can expect a discount of 0.19 percent – credit illustration images

The more recent information about the technology of the Ministry of Information and Communications (TIC) in Colombia has a radiographic detailed information about the connection in the country, making progress when it comes to access control equipment and the right service Internet. This document appears in a crucial document to watch the film in Colombia, achieving the digital reduction.

In terms of internet access, the information revealed a reduction in connections, which brought 8.91 million people onto the report. These data represent an old retroceso comparison with the previous year, which is an indication of the expansion of Internet services in the connection with the national territory. The access density for approximately 100 residents is 17.09, which represents a reduction of 0.19 percent.

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The competence of the Internet providers is clear, with Claro on the number of connections connected, as with other companies such as UNE EPM, Movistar and a list of more operators that have completed the ecological system of the país network.

One of the numbers in the number of connections, the robust industry reporting – credit Getty

As you go down in the number of connections, The sector reports are robust, the UNE EPM is one of the operational endpoints of Claro, Movistar and ETB, which undermine the economic relevance of the telecom industry.

In a way that makes progress, download speed has done a meaningful experiment, losing 202.4 Mbps. This connection speed is fundamental to increase a large number of digital needs, while education in the line has the entrepreneurship and bargaining power, and can write a book to ensure that Colombia remains at the forefront of the digital economy in the world.

The report that was reported about the lighting of the optical technology is probably not up to par with the traditional cable connections. The optical system, which deals with its capacity to provide Internet speed much faster and greater reliability, is alcanzando on its cable contraparte, creating a trend that could allow a mayor to adopt advanced technology to connect in the country.

Other important aspects are the significant regional differences in access to the Internet. While the urban areas in Bogotá and the Antioquia have a high relative connection density, the departments like Vaupés and Vichada are becoming huge people using the Internet penetration, reflecting the persistent inequality of digital in different regions of Colombia.

In a way that makes progress, download speed has made a meaningful experiment, losing 202.4 Mbps –

If you respect the Internet mode, the panorama is noticeably more optimistic. The experiment with a powerful crecimiento in the number of mobile connections has reached a total of 45 million. This is a testimony of the paper that is more central than the mobile access to the Internet in the diary of the Colombians, with opportunities to access information, communication and digital services.

Clear dominance in this segment, with operations followed by operators such as Tigo, Movistar and others, shows that there is a vibrant competence in the mobile telecommunications market.

The experiment with a robust credit in the number of mobile connections has reached a total of 45 million – credit Jeffrey Arguedas/EFE

Especially Red 4G is the preferred technology in use, impulsive not only a greater quality of service, facilitating the camino has enabled the proxima generation of mobile technology.

If it has realized great significance, the information from the Ministry of TIC will ensure that the continuous inversion of the infrastructure, including politics and innovative strategy to continue the digital developments, will allow all Colombians to benefit from the promises of the digital age.