Cubans rally in support of American students, Palestine

STORY: “To show support for students at universities in the United States, to show that students around the world are together and united against the armed forces of the United States and Israel,” said Sharaf Huwwari, a Palestinian student who studies medicine in Cuba.

Meanwhile, an American student in Cuba, Sarah Almushabi, said she hoped American students would be “energized” by seeing the solidarity of others around the world.

During the rally at the University of Havana, students called for a ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza, at a time of rising tensions on American campuses that have led to the arrest of students and the suspension of classes.

The pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the Caribbean country come at a time when Washington and Havana are experiencing a series of political tensions, with Cuba mired in an economic crisis marked by shortages of basic goods including food and medicine.

The demonstration, attended by American students in Cuba, is the latest of more than a dozen solidarity demonstrations in support of the Palestinians.