Democrats urge Biden to use arms shipments to ‘Israel’ for aid

A stream of Democratic lawmakers have signed and sent a letter to Joe Biden urging him to pressure “Israel” to facilitate aid deliveries to Gaza.

  • Democrats urge Biden to use arms shipments to 'Israel' for aid
    U.S. President Joe Biden greets people during a state dinner at the White House in Washington, the United States, on May 2, 2024. (AP)

Several Democratic lawmakers in the United States House of Representatives have urged President Joe Biden to consider halting arms sales to the Israeli regime if it does not change its approach to the war on the Gaza Strip.

88 Democratic members of Congress signed and delivered a letter to the White House stating that Washington should take a stronger stance against its Israeli ally. The lawmakers expressed “serious concerns about the Israeli government’s conduct of the war in Gaza as it involves the deliberate withholding of humanitarian aid.”

Members of Congress pointed to the Israeli occupation’s restriction of U.S.-backed humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, saying the policy “has contributed to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.”

They also urged Biden to make it clear to the head of the Israeli regime, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that putting up obstacles to aid delivery to Gaza risks making the Israeli occupation forces “eligible for further offensive security assistance from the United States’.

However, lawmakers did say that the aid should not include anti-aircraft systems and equipment such as ammunition or parts for the Iron Dome.

“We remain strongly in favor of providing such life-saving defense financing to Israel,” the letter said.

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Steady American support for ‘Israel’ is waning

Months after Biden promised “unwavering” support for “Israel” in October 2023, Americans are now taking significant steps against their government’s support for the Israeli regime. This dissent is evident in the widespread student protests that have swept through dozens of American universities. While the protesters’ demands have yet to be fully embraced by US officials, this recent letter to Biden underlines the growing discontent among Democrats.

On a popular level, one ABC news– The Ipsos survey published on Friday shows that about 40% of Americans believe the US is providing too much support to ‘Israel’ in its war against Gaza. The poll shows that nearly four in 10 Americans believe the US is doing too much to support the occupation, up from three in 10 in January this year.

As domestic difficulties mount, Washington continues to work to reach what it has described as a “ceasefire” in Gaza and a prisoner exchange agreement with the Palestinian Resistance, all the while failing to halt the actions of the Israeli occupation to master. Moreover, the Biden administration has not drawn a clear red line on Israel’s invasion of Rafah, which will surely lead to more domestic dissidents against Biden in a crucial election year.

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