A flood brings the south of Brazil to its knees: thousands of people displaced in the state of Rio Grande do Sul

The flood of Rio Grande do Sul, The Southern State in southern Brazil is recognized as the most serious in the region’s history. More than 120 population centers were flooded, tens of thousands of people were left homeless and millions of other homes were damaged. According to Brazilian media, the exact number of victims will only be known once the waters have receded: what is known is that the flood has wiped out more than half of the livestock and up to 80 percent of the poultry.

The Italian Ambassador to Brazil, Alexander Corteseexpressed its solidarity and solidarity with the authorities and the people of the state: “I follow, with deep concern and emotion, in constant contact with the Consulate General in Porto Alegre, the tragic news coming from Rio Grande do Sul, a beautiful country that I had the opportunity to visit a few weeks ago and with which Italy is very connected, thanks to its inseparable historical, linguistic and traditional ties, thanks to an Italian-Brazilian community that for the past 150 years – and continues to give money – has made a fundamental contribution to the growth of the gaúcha society,” said Ambassador Cortese.

The Consulate General Porto Alegre, in collaboration with the local Civil Protection, has started a collection of donations of basic needs at its headquarters, Rua José de Alencar 313, to donate to the flood victims. In case of any emergency, an emergency number is available (0055 51) 981871503.

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