India and Sweden convene the seventh session of consultations with foreign ministries in Stockholm – the right news

India and Sweden yesterday convened the seventh session of the foreign affairs talks in Stockholm. During the session, both sides welcomed progress in all areas of bilateral cooperation. They deliberated on the way forward in the priority sectors of innovation, trade and investment. Both countries emphasized the need to focus on new emerging technologies such as semiconductors, green steel and green batteries.

The two sides also discussed security aspects, including cybersecurity and counter-terrorism. They agreed to consider cooperation in the defense sector. They exchanged views on working together on reforms of the United Nations Security Council, especially in the run-up to the Summit of the Future.

They noted with satisfaction the growing cooperation to further strengthen bilateral cooperation between India and the EU. They stressed the need for an early conclusion of a mutually beneficial free trade agreement between India and the EU. Both sides also exchanged views on regional and global issues of mutual interest.

The Indian side was led by Pavan Kapoor, Minister (West) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the Swedish by State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Sweden, Jan Knutsson.