Chang is pleased with the police response to the increase in crime on Green Island

Chang is pleased with the police response to the increase in crime on Green Island

Member of Parliament for Westmoreland Western Morland Wilson (foreground, left) and Minister for National Security Dr. Horace Chang (foreground, third right) listening to Police Commissioner Dr. Kevin Blake during Friday’s tour of the King’s Valley community in Westmoreland. Photo: Anthony Lewis

BY ANTHONY LEWIS Observer Writer

May 4, 2024

KING’S VALLEY, Westmoreland – Minister of National Security Dr. Horace Chang said he is satisfied with the measures taken to deal with the increase in homicides at Hanover’s Green Island Police Division.

The division recorded a 300 percent increase in homicides in April.

“So far, I am satisfied that they are taking prompt and decisive action in these areas,” Dr. Chang told the newspaper Jamaican observer after touring Grange Hill in Westmoreland on Thursday afternoon.

He stressed that deployment of police to tackle the challenges posed by gangs in the area is within the purview of the Police Commissioner.

Green Island has been under a 72-hour curfew since 5pm on Thursday as security forces try to ease the impact of gang conflict and an influx of criminals. The curfew comes into effect at the Guango Tree community and covers Salt Spring, Santoy, Logwood Fish River and Orange Bay.

“There are two gangsters down there having a fight… and they are responsible for a number of murders recently,” Chang said.

On Wednesday, the officer in charge of the Green Island Police Department, Inspector Mervin Hodges, called for public cooperation and partnership.

“Report strange men and do not harbor criminals in the community. It is of utmost importance that the area remains peaceful for peaceful and economic activities,” he stressed.

“An increase in criminal activity affects the social life and environment of the community,” Hodges added.

On April 11, police reported that Green Island in Hanover Western, along with Montpelier and Sandy Bay in Hanover Eastern, had contributed to a rise in homicides in the parish, despite a 46 percent drop compared to the January to 11 period April last year. .

At the time, Hanover’s crime officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police Carl Brown, told the Hanover Municipal Corporation’s monthly general meeting that Green Island had contributed to 77 percent of the parish’s murders.

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