DeSantis guards Sunshine State: Haitian invasion not happening

There are two facts that seriously hinder the ability of leftists to accept reality and fashion programs that will work.

The first is, as we wrote before, that left-wing policies are not judged on the basis of the results of those policies.

It should be judged solely on the basis of the policy’s intentions and the emotions associated with it.

We would say it is the “oprahfication” of America, but in reality this has been going on since FDR’s presidency.

The other problem is the left’s inability to understand the concept of cause and effect, or their outright rejection of it.

Or as Auron MacIntyre succinctly put it: “The liberal mind identified cause and effect as an existential threat and long ago decoupled the two.”

Take crime rate research from liberals.

More police officers are being put on the streets and more criminals are being sentenced to prison terms.

Within a few months, crime begins to drop and city streets become safer.

Left-wing experts are asked for their opinions on why crime has fallen.

Their answers are, in so many words:

  • It’s a mystery!
  • Global warming keeps criminals off the streets!
  • The situation calls for more study and government subsidies.

When for those of us who are rational, the cause and effect is clear.

Putting police officers on the street and putting criminals in jail reduces crime.

This brings us to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s reporting on the Haitian D-Day that didn’t happen.

“The predictions were dire: Florida was about to experience an onslaught of refugees from Haiti, driven by widespread gang-fueled lawlessness to make the perilous journey over water of hundreds of miles in search of safety in the US.

“Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered the mobilization of personnel and equipment from Florida to supplement the federal response from the Coast Guard and other agencies.”

DeSantis, in his usual leadership style, also ordered 250 Florida law enforcement officers, National Guard members and reinforcements from several supporting red states to South Florida and the Keys.

DeSantis said any Haitians who slip through the net and end up in Florida would be sent to that hotbed of pro-immigration sentiment, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, where they would join the Venezuelan illegals he shipped out in 2022.

Time passes. No Haitians.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel—which was no doubt about to churn out reams of tearful “refugee” stories to contrast the Heartless DeSantis—noticed that nothing happened, saying, “A month later, it appears there was no of an invasion – or a noticeable change in the number of Haitians arriving in Florida by boat.

Why did the wave never happen? You guessed it: It’s a mystery!

The newspaper spoke with Haitian ethno-supremacists, Haitian elected officials (it happens), NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that rely on illegal immigrants, the FBI and various left-wing supporters.

They all said that the invasion that the South Florida Sun-Sentinel called for just a few weeks ago would never happen anyway.

Sorry! False alarm!

And DeSantis’ preventative measures were a disgrace.

“Florida’s response to what is happening is a blatant attack on Haitians,” said one professional anger merchant when discussing the blockade that had no effect.

The US Coast Guard regularly warns ‘refugees’ that the journey from Haiti to the US is a long and potentially fatal journey. Add to that Governor DeSantis’ proactive measures to deter boarders and it’s a very unwelcome prospect for future Democrats overseas.

We think the chain of cause and effect here is obvious and that DeSantis deserves a lot of credit for protecting his state. But then we are not in the left camp.

Michael Reagan, President Reagan’s eldest son, is a Newsmax TV analyst. A columnist and author, he is chairman of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. Michael is a sought-after speaker at Premiere’s speakers bureau. Read Michael Reagan’s reports – more here.

Michael R. Shannon is a commentator, researcher for the League of American Voters and an award-winning political and advertising consultant with national and international experience. He is the author of “Conservative Christian’s Guidebook for Living in Secular Times (Now With Added Humor!).” Read Michael Shannon’s reports – more here.