Deadly multiple crash in Machachi on the first day of the holidays – DIARIO CRONICA

This Friday, May 3, 2024there was a multiple collision in Machachi, a city south of Quito, Ecuador. The incident took place at the intersection of Panamericana Sur and Pablo Guarderas Street. Five vehicles were involved in the incident, with unfortunate consequences: a deceased person j at least 11 injured. Authorities have issued an urgent alert and coordinated efforts with various institutions to address the emergency.

According to reports, the collision has had consequences 13 vehicles total. Bee 3:30 PM of that Friday, the National Police reported that the south-north road is closed in all three lanes and the arrival of tow trucks is being coordinated to remove the affected vehicles.

Witnesses report that A truck without brakes He hit the vehicles that were waiting for the traffic light to change from red to green. Among the victims are sellers who come there regularly.

Given the severity of the situation, a deployment of resources has been activated to respond to the emergency. The cooperation of more ambulances has been requested, in coordination with operational staff and emergency units of various institutions, including the Quito Fire Department (CBQ)He Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS) and the Ministry of Health (MSP) zone 9.

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