The cover of Diario PERFIL for Saturday May 4, 2024

Below we offer an overview of the most important titles of the 1926th edition of Diario PERFIL, from Saturday May 5, 2024, an edition that is accompanied this weekend by 3 supplements covering the most diverse topics, both informative and entertaining: Shows, El Observador and Buenos Aires Times:

The administration is trying to add new allies and move forward with more reforms. The country is betting on expanding its support base after the public support of the governors of Catamarca, Raúl Jalil, and of Tucumán, Osvaldo Jaldo. Yesterday the Minister of Energy received the leaders of Neuquén and Chubut to reactivate the construction of the Patagonian gas canal. They aim to gain support in the Senate for sanctioning the Bases Act. They also want to put on the agenda a package of reforms that was included in the original law and which was rejected.

Containers for prisoners in the city. They are called “detention modules” and will house around 300 detainees. They will be installed in Barracas, Saavedra and Chacarita. In this way they try to stop the crisis of overcrowding in police stations.

Authoritarians don’t like this

The practice of professional and critical journalism is a fundamental pillar of democracy. Therefore, it bothers those who think they are the owners of the truth.

Argentina is slumping in the rankings that measure press freedom.

Universities. Pettovello approaches Gelpi, rector of the UBA, to isolate Yacobitti and unblock the negotiations.

The chainsaw reaches the car registry: they close 40%, they eliminate the blue ID and the green no longer expires.

Bochado. Argentina’s pension system ranks last in a survey of 47 countries around the world.

Duo in campaign. María Corina Machado and Edmundo González embody the hopes of the opposition in Venezuela.

La Toretto platense. They investigated the influencer who ran over and killed a motorcyclist while running a red light.

Córdoba will be the first province to vaccinate against dengue and chikungunya.

Climate change: rain causes 37 deaths in Rio Grande do Sul.

Madonna is going to take over Copacabana. His free show will leave Rio de Janeiro with at least $57 million.

Four women and a play: Maja, Busnelli, Merlino and Obersztern. They’ll make a Schweblin story.

They write in this edition:

Fara, R. Garcia, Burgueno, Lapeña, Rebon, Hernandez, Sunico, Balza, Genovese, Kohan, Link, Guebel, Hopenhayn, Heller, A. Lopez, A. Teijeiro, F. Viani, Giampaolo, Tabarovsky, and A. Fontevecchia.