What are the international steps between Argentina and Chile this Saturday, May 4?

It is expected that It will continue to rain and snow this weekend in the mountain area of ​​Neuquén and Río Negrowith the arrival of the first frost in mid-autumn. That’s why it’s important to know What are the routes and availability of international border crossings? before traveling, to take necessary precautions when traveling through.

It’s that the snow, frost, rain, mud and other phenomena they can influence the adhesion of cars and trucks to the asphalt stripso you have to take proper precautions while driving: wear chains, use antifreeze, drive at the recommended speed, and so on.

For that reason we review below, one by one the transit at the international border crossings between Argentina and Chilein its several points, to know Whether or not it suits you to cross there today.

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What is the transit time on international crossings from Argentina to Chile today?

The Pino Hachado International Pass: White wind and snow accumulation.

The Icalma international crossing: Accessible with caution. Accessible with caution. Mandatory wearing of chains

The Hua Hum International Pass: Accessible with caution. Pricked sectors, mud and ice.

The international step Mamuil Malal (former Tromen): Accessible with caution. Enabled, mandatory wearing of chains.

The international passage of Cardenal Samoré: Traffic is suspended for all types of vehicles.
Heavy rainfall in the mountain sector, 🇨🇱🇦🇷 roads carry out clearance work
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