Higher fuel prices next week: see the new prices

QCOSTARICA – Although the dollar exchange rate has been steadily low for some time, we will still see a rise in fuel prices next week, especially for premium gasoline and regular gasoline, which will rise ¢15 and ¢31 respectively next week.

According to official figures confirmed Friday by the regulatory body, the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (Aresep), the low dollar has not stopped Costa Ricans from paying more for fuel.

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“Although the exchange rate fell (…) in the case of gasoline, the explanation for the adjustment is mainly the increase in Recope’s acquisition costs which is closely linked to the evolution of international costs,” explains Mario Mora, Mayor of Energy of Aresep, out.

The new prices at the pumps expected in the coming days will be ¢742 for a liter of premium petrol, an increase from the current ¢727, while regular petrol will go from the current ¢690 to ¢721.

Diesel fuel will see a drop of ¢14 colones, from the current ¢638 per liter to ¢624. LPG gas used in kitchens across the country (and in vehicles with conversions) will also fall.

A typical 25-pound LGP cylinder used in most homes will drop from the current ¢7,672 to ¢7,534

The above prices and others affected by the change will take effect as soon as they are published in La Gaceta, the official government newsletter, expected in the coming days.

Fuel prices in Costa Rica are regulated, with only one company, the Refinadora Costarricense de Petroleo – the state refinery that does not refine anything and supplies fuels to distributors, i.e. gas stations throughout the country, all at the same prices.

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Changes to the regulated prices also occur once a month. They do not fluctuate randomly and without logical reason, for example a long weekend or the location of the gas station, such as a busy tourist route.

If a gas station wants to distinguish itself, that is, attract more customers to sell more fuel, it must provide additional services, such as a ready-mart, checking the oil or tire pressure.

For visitors: just to be clear: in Costa Rica you will not find gas stations where you pump your own gas. The supervisors do the pumping.

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