The mystery of a strange creature caught on camera that threw the entire town into disarray has never been solved

The mystery of a strange creature caught on camera that threw the entire town into disarray has never been solved

Featured image credits: City of Amarillo

The creepy photo was captured on security cameras at the Amarillo Zoo and sparked some wild theories

Zoo staff were stunned when security footage showed an unknown creature walking around.

In 2022, Amarillo Zoo, Texas, was the talk of the town after it shared unusual CCTV footage of a strange figure walking around in the early morning hours.

The zoo shared a photo of the werewolf-like creature, writing at the time on

“Is it a person with a strange hat who likes to walk at night? A chupacabra? Do you have any idea what this UAO-Unidentified Amarillo Object could be?”

Elsewhere, Michael Kashuba, director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Amarillo, told News Channel 10: “We would like to hear feedback from the community on what they think it could be. It’s a very unique image, and we’re curious to see what the community thinks about it.”

Noting people’s speculations on whether it was a fake photo or not, Kashuba added, “The photo is definitely real.”

The image led to a series of suggestions at the time – and some were quite entertaining.

One X user insisted it was Rocket Guardians of the universe in the now-viral snap, while another person said it could be Sasquatch.

Someone else said: “That’s Gnorm from the 1990 movie A gnome named Gnorm!!

“It’s clearly a Skinwalker balancing between two densities/dimensions and what better place than the zoo. I mean. DUH,” wrote another.

Personally, I think it looks like a werewolf Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Someone else urged the zoo to release video footage of the creature so they could “see how it moves.”

But the zoo replied to the curious person: “This image was taken with a camera that only takes a still image when it detects motion.”

Nearly two years after the ordeal, it still appears to be a mystery as to what exactly was lurking in the zoo that night.

To this day, people still don't know what it was.  (@CityofAmarillo/X)

To this day, people still don’t know what it was. (@CityofAmarillo/X)

Surveillance footage always captures unusual things moving in the middle of the night. More recently, a rather gruesome looking ‘monster’ was spotted roaming the streets of Costa Rica.

In December, a Reddit clip made the rounds on X where a creepy four-legged creature could be seen crawling while two dogs barked at it.

The video quickly went viral, with some suggesting the dark figure was a shapeshifter…

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