Three charged after bodies found during search for American and Australian tourists who disappeared in Mexico

Investigators have charged three people in connection with the disappearance of two Australian and one American tourists in Mexico.

The three Mexican citizens were charged Friday with a crime equivalent to kidnapping after being questioned and arrested by local authorities, the Associated Press reported. It was not immediately clear whether the three could face additional charges.

The news comes after investigators said they had recovered three bodies they believe are the missing tourists, according to reports Friday afternoon.

Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson and their friend Carter Rhoad, from the United States, were reported missing after failing to show up at their accommodation in Baja California on Saturday, April 27.

Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson disappeared in Baja California, Mexico and their American friend Carter Rhoad has been missing since April 27, 2024 (Delivered)

The grim discovery was made in La Bocana, a popular fishing and camping destination near Ensenada. CBS8reported.

Baja California’s attorney general has yet to formally announce the news.

Carter Rhoad had traveled to Baja California, Mexico with Jake and Callum Robinson (Delivered)

On Thursday, authorities said three Mexican nationals, reportedly a woman and two men, had been arrested. The woman had a cell phone with a photo on it that matched the description of one of the men. The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The brothers’ family said Jake had gone to visit his brother, who had been living in the US, and the trio had headed south of the border to Ensenada – an area popular with tourists but also known for cartel violence .

Nothing had been heard from them since last Saturday. Their car was later found burned out and three tents abandoned.

The charges come after Baja California Attorney General María Elena Andrade Ramírez said Thursday that evidence found at the tents was “linked” to the three people questioned about the missing foreigners. She added: “There is a lot of important information that we cannot make public.”

The top prosecutor told reporters that authorities were not immediately notified, causing “very important time to be lost” in the search for the three men.

Callum and Jake Robinson were reported missing after traveling from California to Mexico on April 27 (9News/Instagram)

The parents of Australian brothers Martin and Debra Robinson, told 9News in a statement that Callum has been living in the US to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional lacrosse player.

“He is commonly known in the US as the Great Koala,” they told the newspaper. “We think of him as our big, gentle, gentle giant.”

The parents were reportedly heading to the area to be close to the search efforts.

“Callum and Jake are wonderful people. We love them so much and this breaks our hearts,” the couple said.

Both the American and Australian authorities have reported this The independent that they were willing to assist in the investigation in any way.