The Cubadisco event returns, Cuba’s musical showcase to the world

Havana, May 4. – With extensive foreign participation and a display of healthy traditions, the 27th edition of the Cubadisco International Musical Industry Fair will arrive in Cuba from 12 to 19, organizers said.

The event, which will be dedicated to rural music and will have Colombia as guest of honor, will honor notable Cuban artists and others from more than nine countries, including Germany, France, Portugal, Brazil, Hungary, Spain, Argentina and Mexico, which double the number of visitors from last year, they told the press at the Meliá Cohíba Hotel in this capital.

According to the president of Cubadisco, the musician Jorge Gómez, the Cubadisco International Symposium and the Cubadisco Fair will take place, both in the Cuba Pavilion.

In that space they will set up three stages (La Pérgola, La Brújula and the central stage) to host several artists, defenders of trova, traditional music and other genres.

Musicians of the stature of Haila María Mompié, the Faílde Orchestra, Toques del Río and Tony Ávila, among others, will perform, all combining musicality with the guests from Colombia.

Tickets for this festival can be purchased for a value of 100 pesos in national currency at the institution itself, or online at the La Papeleta portal.

From the 10th, activities will begin at the National Theater, the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Martí Theater, actions that will extend to all communities in the capital, according to the president of the Cuban Institute of Music, Indira Fajardo.

One of the attractions of Cubadisco will take place throughout the country on May 17 under the title Cuba de guateque y punto, in honor of the 65th anniversary of the signing of the First Agrarian Reform Law.

Cuban music is the blood that flows through the veins of this country, said the cultural manager of the Colombian Embassy in Cuba, Mario Fidel Rodríguez, who emphasized the wide presence at the event of artists from his country, defenders of the most diverse genres. .

He also added that the Colombian record company Discos Fuentes Edimúsica SA, a pioneer of the phonographic industry in that country and one of the oldest in Latin America, will be awarded.

Cubadisco will have special programming on national television via Canal Clave, a space where concerts, documentaries and other audiovisual programs from the host country will be broadcast.

Striking in this edition, in addition to the Cubadisco Awards, is the presence of gospel music and the Hungarian Ballet, which joins Danza Contemporánea de Cuba.

The Cubadisco 2024 International Music Industry Fair is an ideal platform for the sector to become increasingly visible. (Text and photo: PL)