Welcome to the SYS Riviera Rendezvous on the beautiful Bahamian island of Eleuthera

Welcome to the SYS Riviera Rendezvous on the beautiful Bahamian island of Eleuthera

by Riviera Australia May 4 15:07 UTC

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Brought together by a passion for water, adventure and a love of Riviera, nearly 40 jubilant guests aboard nine luxury motor yachts spent five days around the beautiful turquoise Bahamian waters of Harbor Island, hosted by SYS Yacht Sales.

Building on the previous Rendezvous to the Exumas, the fantastically fun crew of SYS Yacht Sales – accompanied by nine luxury Riviera motor yachts and nearly 40 lucky guests – returned to the famous turquoise Bahamian waters.

During this trip, the group explored the beautiful pink sands of Harbor Island on the north side of Eleuthera.

Brought together by a passion for water, adventure and a love of Riviera, the adventurers on the five-day excursion set off from Sarasota, Florida in relatively calm seas for the Gulf Stream crossing – despite some wayward thunderstorms.

On their Riviera 5400 Sport Yacht Anhinga, Ron and Beth Slaymaker said they appreciated the support of the SYS crew and captain for the crossing.

“It’s about 90 kilometers of open ocean and you have to be very sensitive to the wind speed, direction and currents,” says Ron. “There was some surge, but nothing that challenged our Riviera.

“It was amazing to watch this train Rivs line up as they crossed the Gulf Stream. The waters are a deep sea blue and once you enter the shallower shores of the Bahamas it is the clearest and turquoise water I have seen in my life .It’s an exciting effect.”

This is the second SYS Rendezvous the Slaymakers have attended and Beth says the experience gets better every year.

“It was exciting to go there with a larger group of Rivieras,” she says. “You feel that comfort in numbers. It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy a sense of community with other Riviera owners and share the fun with people who have good taste in boats!”

After settling into the beautiful Valentines Resort and Marina, in true Riviera Rendezvous fashion the call went out for ‘docktails’, a SYS initiative that pits Riviera against Riviera to see who can deliver the best seaside cocktail experience.

The ‘Jen Bay’, ‘Key Lime Face Punch’ and ‘Anhinga Flyover’ were among the crowd favorites, although the Slaymakers remain coy about the exact recipe of their tequila-based special. “It’s a Texas top secret,” says Ron with a wink. SYS provided a range of delicacies to accompany the refreshments, with platters of fresh local dishes including cracked conch, conch fritters, prawns and fresh fish ceviche.

Meanwhile, Matt and Keli Beecroft, awaiting the arrival of their new Riviera, landed at Eleuthera from Ohio aboard a unique Rendezvous craft, an Italian-built Piaggio Avanti turboprop aircraft. “We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our newly built Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht. We loved our Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht but were intrigued by something bigger that we could imagine and build ourselves and the 64 SMY seemed like the right choice,” says Matt. .

Not even a moment of boatlessness could keep the Beecrofts from reuniting with Riviera friends made through SYS. “We built great friendships and kept in touch and it was great to be able to go back to the Bahamas and see them again,” says Keli. “Everyone was welcoming and happy to see us and loved that we were there without our Riviera, that we came to see them.”

The Rendezvous provided a perfect balance between time to relax, time to explore the islands independently and organized activities that brought people together. Among the events organized was a tour of Eleuthera Island, stopping at the Glass Window Bridge, the spectacular Queen’s Baths, Sapphire Blue Hole and Preacher’s Cave, reputed to be the shelter for Bermuda’s first English settlers who were shipwrecked along the coast. reef at Devil’s Backbone.

Despite a shorter stay, the Beecrofts had memorable moments.

“Gosh, just sitting on board the Riviera and laughing, that’s a highlight,” says Keli. “That’s the great thing about Riviera, they are free and open, as if they were made for enjoying snacks and drinks with friends on the back deck. And of course we were in beautiful surroundings.

“We did an excursion to Turtle Bay, where you can swim with the turtles, and it was the most fun thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was so fascinating to be in the water with these innocent, ancient turtles hugging you crashing into you, pushing you out of the way. The stingrays fluttering on top of our feet and flying past us… extraordinary.’

The Beecrofts have so much more to look forward to with the arrival of their new 64SMY. “The front deck is amazing, gigantic and so comfortable that I can accommodate many people. I can’t wait. I think we will really enjoy being on the same level and on a bigger boat, like a flybridge, but closed and together,” Keli says. While Matt has one thing clear: “I’m looking forward to going fast! But seriously, I’m looking forward to driving the boat, it’s very agile for its size, and with the Twin Disc EJS and Quickshift setup everyone can rave about, it’s super smooth.”

The Rendezvous ended with a meal at the Rooster Tail Bar & Grill, where the crews chatted about where they would meet, some heading to Chub Cay and others back home in the US.

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