Confirm the number of goods sold in the fight against Farc dissidence in Cauca, by filtering audio tools

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And in the middle of the fights in Argelia (Cauca) between the National Ejército and the autodenominado Estado Mayor Central, the mayor of the extinct Farc, sold his murders, and then confirmed the public fuerza. The confrontation comes at the end of these four days and becomes mantien.

The victims are identified as Jorge David Fuentesoriundo de Valledupar; Cesar Javier Sosa Ballesteros, procedure of La Mesa, Cundinamarca; j Camilo Andrés Molinade Galeras, Sucre, is confirmed by an official communication about the event.

There are more uniforms, which are addressed with the military forces, resulting in heridos. And contrast, like Carlos Patiño’s structure, the group’s armado is commanded by ‘Iván Mordisco’, with firearms captured in flagrant fashion.

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If you are evacuating a group on a plane from an airplane to evacuate during the holidays, receive “indiscriminadamente” an emboscada “of several points”, the sharpest with fuentes castrenses.

“Meanwhile, if the tropas eliminates a defensive maniobra and repels the attack, tomando posición in de lugar en el que se encontraban”, appointed to the Fuerzas MilitaresThe moment you speak out in the zone where air and firearms with artillery are deployed.

The military forces are often a permanent combatant, a department that the president of Gustavo Petro suspends the military struggle that would be a bilateral issue with the mayor of Estonia Central in all his país.

“The fact that this fight (which causes the fight with the tres sold) is the production of the neutralization of the three integrants on May 2 and the later capture of the blatant integration of more than today, and the intention is to protect the weapon armament, explosives, ammunition and intended materials, thus the specific Comando of Cauca and its communications.

On April 25, to prevent military units from setting up a camp of the illegal group in Argelia, the information exchange begins, 15 dissenters and 12 more results from heridos.

The first part of the May report combats the whole Ejército and the dissidence in the rescue operation of the indigenous Huellas, in Caloto (Cauca), donde There are 36 families who know they have to solve the problems and take in 86 people.

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“El Ejército Nacional lamenta profound la muerte de nuestros valerosos militares, quienes murieron in el marco de las operaciones que se adelantan para velar por de securidad and quietidad de los pobladores del Cañón del Micay, por lo que reiteramos nuestras más condolencias a sus familias y claims are a difficult moment,” concludes.