Renowned DP Express Hervé Bleus, first singer, dies


Hervé Bleus, the celebrated lead singer of the Haitian compass band DP Express, has died. His distinctive voice and passionate performances captivated audiences and left an indelible mark on Haitian music. Bleus’ contributions to the genre, including hits like “Pale Pale’w,” shaped the landscape of Haitian music and inspired generations of artists.

Hervé Bleus, the former and lead singer of the Haitian band DP Express, passed away on May 3. The news of his death was announced by Philippe ‘Pipo’ Saint-Louis, through a heartfelt statement on his Facebook page, where he said in Creole: “Ou vire dow ale san w pa pran kontak…”

The singer died peacefully and comfortably, with family and friends by his side. Saint-Louis did not specify the cause of death, but had previously mentioned that the singer was suffering from numerous health problems.

The iconic voice of Bleus Bleus, affectionately known as ‘Boulou’, is one of the most recognizable voices of his generation, and he loved his fans and performances. Bleus is best remembered as the mastermind behind the mega-hit “Pale Pale’w”. Bleus began to have a passion for music during his adolescence, characterized by the sounds of big bands, such as combos, quartets, trios, etc. He enjoyed his Sundays with family and listening to the famous ‘Jazz des Jeunes’ on local radio Haiti .

Hervé Bleus stepped into the spotlight and led a graceful and intricate musical transition, leaving his mark on the seminal album “M pa pran kontak.” in which he is the improvised messenger of a new musical style. This debut work contained five emblematic songs, including ‘m’pa pran kontak’, ‘sansib pa jwe’, ‘apran n pale’, ‘pran san w’ and ‘souke kò w’, which revolutionized the landscape of ambient music . Bleus’ resonant timbre and emotional delivery gave each song unparalleled depth and feeling.

His musical journey continued with collaborations on Fred Paul’s “Mini All Stars” and contributed to songs such as “we must move on” and “Manoushka, “konsa nou ye” and “vye frè”. Additionally, his work on ‘kaskad konpa ‘ his versatility and innovation in voice design before eventually fading from the spotlight. Bleus’ legacy remained indelible and shaped the trajectory of Haitian music for generations to come shaping the contemporary musical landscape and helping to create today’s vibrant scene. Even with the transformative influence of the incomparable singer ‘Ti-Manno’, who propelled the DP Express to new heights, Bleus’ mark remains. on Haiti’s musical journey is unmistakable.

Hervé Bleus lived life to the fullest and left an indelible mark on the world. His light shone brightly, illuminating the universe before it dimmed. May his soul find eternal peace.