57 muertos and 67 desaparecidos

The desolador panorama through time in the country of Brazil: 57 muertos and 67 desaparecidos

Houses under the water, with a complete flood, people who have given technology a new look and others more in albergues who have left the void of life, is the panorama that lives in the part of Brazil, for the fuertes temporales who azotan in the lunes region.

The devastating floods caused between 57 and 67 devastations, after which the final part of the authorization was made public. Rio Grande do Sul, the border area with Uruguay and Argentina, has a greater impact on the region of life in the US state of Santa Catarina, which reports the first fatalities and 33 ciudades with other consequences .

Inundaciones and Porto Alegre.  (O Globo)
Inundaciones and Porto Alegre. (O Globo)

During the civil defense of Rio Grande do Sul, decades of personas that left 8,168 people, there were public refugees and another 24,080 in family homes of friends.

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, was in a circle that could “provide a livelihood for a large number of people” while permanently maintaining access to the local situation.

In total, there are 265 affected municipalities, more than the former city, including the regional capital, Porto Alegre, while the historic center undergoes the complete flooding of the Guaíba River, having décaded even more in the area throughout its life.