Haiti – News : Zapping…

Haiti – News : Zapping…
04/05/2024 12:04:05

Haiti - News : Zapping...

American military plane lands with unknown cargo
On Friday, May 3, an American military plane landed at Toussaint Louverture International Airport. At this time it is not known which aircraft was delivered to Haiti.

29 tankers leave Varreux
On Friday, May 3, 2024, after major cleaning work by Public Works, 29 trucks with 187,650 liters of gasoline and 70,900 liters of diesel were able to leave the Varreux oil terminal on their way to gas stations. A ship carrying 162,000 barrels is expected to arrive at the dock on Sunday morning.

Cleaning of roads and canals
The Departmental Directorate West of the Ministry of Public Works, MTPTC, begins a series of road cleaning and mechanical cleaning activities in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan region. These activities are mainly carried out on the RN#1 in the city of Cité Soleil. During the week of April 30 to May 5, 2024, technicians will be cleaning Route Varreux, along the Blvd of the Amériques. At the same time, another team is working hard to clear the chancellery canal that flows into the roadway.

The purchase and sale of fuel on the sidewalk is prohibited
Me Edler Guillaume, Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince recalls that, according to Article 1 of the Law of 20 December 1949, the purchase and sale of petroleum products in containers is prohibited throughout the national territory. The police have already received instructions from the Port-au-Prince Public Prosecutor’s Office arrest and prosecute all people caught buying or selling fuel on public roads from May 3, 2024

A deputy for the government commissioner is sanctioned
I Garry Chéry, the deputy of the Government Commissioner of Grande Rivière du Nord, was placed on unpaid leave. In a letter to the latter on May 2, the Justice Department accused him of unlawfully releasing a father who had raped his child.

Gerald Oriol Jr. new president of FFTP
Gerald Oriol Jr., former Secretary of State for the Integration of People with Disabilities in Haiti, with almost twenty years of collaboration with “Food for the Poor Haiti” (FFTP), especially during his mandate as a member of the council alongside former presidents Daniel Gerard Rouzier and Monsignor Ogé Beauvoir have been appointed new presidents of FFTP.