Surfers missing in Baja California, Mexico | Three bodies have been found in the area where foreign surfers disappeared in Mexico | Univision News Latin America – Univision

Three bodies have been found in the Ensenada region of Baja California, Mexico, where three foreign surfers recently went missing. According to Univision News Latin America, the bodies were discovered during a search for the missing tourists.

Mexican authorities confirmed the discovery of the bodies but provided no further details about their identities or cause of death. The search for the missing surfers is still ongoing.

CNN en EspaƱol also reported the discovery of the bodies, stating that they were found in the region where the three tourists disappeared. The latest news from Houston reiterated this news, adding that Mexican authorities have conducted an intensive search for the missing persons.

The New York Times (Spanish) also covered the story, highlighting that during the search for the foreigners, three people were found dead in Baja California.

Authorities have not released information about the nationalities of the missing surfers or the bodies found. The investigation is ongoing and more details are expected in the coming days.

The disappearance of the foreign surfers in Baja California has raised concerns among the international community, and efforts are underway to locate the missing persons and determine what happened to them.