This Lululemon Team Canada belt bag is ‘perfect for travel’ – get it for under $70

If you want a belt bag that stands out from the crowd, Lululemon just released one that is very different from their popular Everywhere Belt Bag. As part of the Team Canada collection, the brand introduced the new Team Canada curved crossbody bag 3L for $68. It has a unique design and can hold a lot more than the other fanny packs (including a water bottle).

If you’re a fan of Lululemon, fanny packs, or both, this one is a must-have for your collection. Interested in further details? Keep scrolling for more information.


This hip bag has a secret compartment where you can store your water bottle, so you can truly enjoy hands-free moments whether you’re heading out or running errands.

$68 at Lululemon

This bum bag features the Canadian Olympic Committee logo and has a unique design, different from Lululemon’s classic bum bags.

It holds up to three liters, and it’s big enough to fit your water bottle in a hidden fold-down pocket (with hidden shock cords to keep it secure).

It is made of the usual water-repellent nylon and is therefore virtually weatherproof.

You can carry it by the handle at the top or hang it over your waist or chest, thanks to the adjustable strap.

In addition to the main compartment, there is a zippered outer pocket and a pull tab and magnetic closure ensure the bag stays closed.

someone wearing the Lululemon belt bag, Team Canada Curved Crossbody Bag 3Lsomeone wearing the Lululemon belt bag, Team Canada Curved Crossbody Bag 3L

Team Canada curved crossbody bag 3L. (Photo via Lululemon)

This Lululemon bag is a new addition and part of the new Team Canada collection. There are only a few reviews, but so far it has an average rating of five stars.

One customer says it’s “perfect in every way,” adding that it’s “best for travel.” They also confirmed that it is “spacious” and “can hold a water bottle.”

Another reviewer said it’s their “favorite dog walking bag” because it fits their dog’s water bottle “in the handy pocket.” However, they did say that they hope it “comes in other colors.”

A third said this bag is “really great” and has a “great capacity”.

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