Canada will send $65 million for humanitarian assistance and economic development to Lebanon


Canada is providing $65 million in development financing and humanitarian assistance to Lebanon, International Development Minister Ahmed Hussen said Friday.

The aid package includes $38 million for development assistance and another $27 million for humanitarian aid, which Hussen said would go toward supporting vulnerable populations.

“This $27 million will make a huge difference on the ground for people who really need help,” he said in an interview.

Lebanon has faced increasing economic challenges in recent years, Hussen said, including the 2020 Beirut port explosion and millions of refugees fleeing conflict in neighboring countries.

“We must be there for both vulnerable Lebanese and refugees.”

The humanitarian aid will go towards providing food, water and health care, he added.

Funding for economic development will be channeled through United Nations organizations such as UN Women. Global Affairs Canada says the money is intended to support local farmers, women-led businesses and women in politics.

“We know that women worldwide do not have sufficient access to capital to start or grow their businesses,” said Hussen.

“Empowering women is the most effective way to fight poverty and ensure inclusive economic growth.”

The funding continues Canada’s economic support in Lebanon as part of the government’s Middle East strategy. According to Hussen, Canada has provided more than $500 million to Lebanon since 2016.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 3, 2024.