Looking for sister-wife Nathalia sold Merrifields for further career

Did Looking for sister wife sell star Nathalia Lima Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield to further her own career? As soon as Dannielle announced she was pregnant, there seemed to be more obstacles than ever before. Did Nathalia do this to herself? Keep reading for more details.

Looking for sister wife Nathalia sold Merrifields for a further career?

Things went pretty smoothly when the Merrifields started courting Nathalia Lima, another woman from Brazil. Although the Looking for sister wife If the couple had been hurt by Roberta before, they didn’t want to stop it. Nathalia was young, smart, studying law and really wanted to be part of their family. Unfortunately, Dannielle had not felt the same connection with Nathalia as she had with Roberta and she believed that their potential sister wife cared more for Garrick. Still, she agreed to the engagement and planned to attend their Brazilian wedding.

Garrick Merrifield, Dannielle Merrifield InstagramGarrick Merrifield, Dannielle Merrifield Instagram
Garrick Merrifield, Dannielle Merrifield Instagram

Garrick left for Brazil despite Dannielle’s concerns and stayed there for six weeks. Then Dannielle called to tell him she was pregnant. When she arrived in Brazil for Garrick and Nathalia’s wedding, Dannielle learned that there were problems with the wedding. Garrick was found to be living a multi-faceted lifestyle and now fans believe Nathalia betrayed the Merrifields. a Reddit topic started and the OP started with this:

  • My husband is a lawyer and is quite certain that Natalia told the judge/bailiff that Danielle and Garrick were living together and were pregnant.

They also added that she may have done this to pass her law exam. In America one must be completely transparent before getting a license. That might be why Nathalia was back in the corner. Dude did that too Looking for sister wife Fans agree?

Lots of speculation

Other lawyers chimed in, finding this initial assessment “comical.” Due to the fact that Garrick Merrifield is legally divorced from Dannielle Merrifield, Nathalia Lima would do nothing wrong by marrying him. However, if she is caught lying during the immigration process, it could prevent her from coming to America or becoming a lawyer here. Roberta managed to obtain a visa but gave up, so that may have been a red flag. There’s a lot of speculation about what the real truth is, but it doesn’t seem like Nathalia will be with the Merrifields in America anytime soon.

Do you think Nathalia sold the Merrifields so she could maintain the career she worked so hard for? Let us know and take a look Looking for sister wife Monday on TLC.

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