28-year-old charged with sexual assault of minor in Portmore

28-year-old charged with sexual assault of minor in Portmore.  Image credits: Vecteezy
28-year-old charged with sexual assault of minor in Portmore. Image credits: Vecteezy

Jamaica: A 28-year-old accused man has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault against a 14-year-old victim girl in Portmore. Based on the indictment for the criminal offenses committed by the suspect, he will appear in court for a hearing on Friday, May 10.

The accused man is identified in the reports of the case of sexual assault of an underage girl in Portmore, a city in the south of Saint Catherine Parish. The suspect’s name is Brandon Brissett, a mechanic by profession. The suspect is a resident of the Phoenix Park Village neighborhood.


The identity of the teenage victim, believed to be a 14-year-old girl, has not been confirmed at this time. However, the girl is also said to be a resident of Saint Catherine, a parish of Jamaica in southeastern Jamaica. It is said that the victim girl and the suspect already knew each other and were in a relationship.

According to reports, the minor victim and the suspect have known each other since last year in the month of May 2023. They both shared a bond with each other and it is said that they had an intimate relationship. During this period they are said to have had intercourse several times on different occasions.

It is stated that the incident of the criminal offense dates from Saturday April 27 around 3:30 PM. According to reports, the assault was committed while the minor victim was walking home from a store in Portmore. While the girl was on the road, the suspect saw her in his car and approached her, after which he offered her a ride to the destination.

The situation changed after the girl accepted her offer and got into his motor vehicle. While she accompanied him in the car, the suspect was allegedly armed with a gun. The man pointed the gun at the victim and threatened her life. At gunpoint, the suspect forced the minor girl and took her to his house instead of her destination.

When he arrived at his house, the suspect ordered the girl to have oral sex with him against her will. The situation ultimately led to the sexual assault of the minor. Ultimately, the minor victim girl filed a complaint against the suspect. The police station retracted the girl’s statement relevant to the case and action was taken accordingly. The police assigned police officers to a team that took charge and launched an investigation into the case.

On the evening of Monday, April 29, investigating officers went to the suspect and detained him for an offense in the case, while his vehicle, a Toyota Mark X car, was also seized by the police.


Following further proceedings, the accused man in the case was charged with multiple charges, including sexual grooming of a minor, common law assault, sexual intercourse with a minor girl, forcible kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault and unlawful detention with intent to commit serious crimes. sexual abuse.

It is also said that during the investigation, the suspect was also found in possession of an illegal firearm and unauthorized ammunition, which were found in his motor vehicle. The suspect faced additional charges in the Portmore assault case, including using an illegal firearm to commit a crime. Under all these allegations, the case was upheld and submitted to the judge for judgment.