Take a look back at Conor McGregor’s iconic speech against José Aldo that silenced the Brazilian fans

Trash talk is one of the best elements in martial arts. When Conor McGregor faced featherweight champion José Aldo in Brazil, The Notorious dropped one of the most iconic lines in UFC history that still sticks in fans’ minds to this day.

Conor McGregor is often regarded as the most entertaining fighter of all time. His prominent catchphrases, brash personality and mind games against his opponents are some of the characteristics that the Irishman possesses.

When Conor McGregor dropped this iconic line to Brazil ahead of the José Aldo fight

Conor McGregor vs. José Aldo is one of the most celebrated fights in the UFC. The Notorious witnessed a rise in the rankings ahead of his fight against the Brazilian pound-for-pound champion.

During the world tour for this fight, Conor McGregor’s constant punches and insults towards the featherweight champion seemed to have struck a nerve. However, his iconic tirade against a hostile Brazilian crowd seems to top everything.

José Aldo’s native Brazil was not happy with Conor McGregor’s trash talk. When reporters questioned the fighter about the champion’s statements, fans booed the Irishman before he could even say anything.

However, McGregor delivered a message that became one of the most legendary moments of his career.

“If this were any other time, I would invade his favela on horseback and kill anyone who wasn’t fit to work,” said Conor McGregor. The fighter’s stupid mind games turned dark and historic after the crowd booed The Notorious.

Although José Aldo and Conor McGregor shared an adversarial relationship during the build-up, both fighters appear cordial after the highly anticipated fight.

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José Aldo expects Conor McGregor to win at UFC 303

Throughout the build-up to UFC 194, José Aldo and Conor McGregor were seriously confrontational. Both fighters seemed to have contempt for each other, which ended within thirteen seconds when Conor McGregor emerged victorious.

However, things seemed to take a turn when José Aldo complimented The Notorious ahead of UFC 303 against Michael Chandler. The Brazilian fighter showed his respect for the fighter and expressed his support for him.

In an interview with MMA Junkie, José Aldo said: “I hope he can go in there and be the Conor of old and be aggressive and go there and finish the fight. I expect big things from that fight.”

The former featherweight champion also revealed his pattern of showing respect to all his previous opponents.

Since his loss to Conor McGregor, José Aldo has failed to bounce back. The Brazilian fighter will fight Jonathan Martinez at UFC 301 in the bantamweight division.