Temblor in Colombia, May 4: sísmico report NL VIVO with epicenter and size, via SGC | TO BLEND

Colombia It is a different country, which mainly ends up in the Pacific oppression zone. This occurs if the square of Nazca is located on the Sudamerican square, it happens that the material ends up at the bottom of the earth and flows in the form of lava through volcanoes, if the la Cordillera Central I think of the geological consequences that are activated in the país.

It’s el municipality of Los Santos, in the Santander region, the mayor with active activities in Colombia, is now located near Bucaramanga. At the very last year, about 6 million people are recorded in this pueblo and the epicenter of 60% of the events that occur in the national territory. The country is located in the Pacific Ocean, the region where 75% of the world’s volcanoes occur and the world’s earthquakes increasingly dominate 80%.

El Servicio Geológico Colombiano (SGC) The institute oversees the protection and monitoring of the original geological features, and informs citizens about the latest earthquakes. In this way, in the next line, an update report is reported on the very greatest events, precisely such as the hora, the epicenter, the grandeur and other details in the most important Colombian municipalities.

Temblor and Colombia hoy, 4 de mayo, via SGC AND VIVO

This article tells the ultimate information about the sismos of Colombia and the differences by the SGC (Servicio Geológico Colombiano), with that as the grandeur, the epicenter and the hora, the information that is much important tells about these events.

Acciones a seguir in Colombia antes of a simmo or terremoto

  • Define a point of reunion to come into conflict again with your family after your sismo.
  • Revisaque’s emergency kit contains food without observability, water, medicine and a linterna with pills abroad.
  • Identify the position of the objects and the muebles that in an emergency situation are in a peligro, stories as special people, lamps, etc., and reubícalos to prevent them from being able to get anywhere else now.
  • Review your home, move on from your negotiator and fix the issues or problems you find in your own home. Consider reversing a hogar risk so you can limit the economic consequences of a simple system.