World Relays 2024, everything is ready in Nassau: the Italian line-ups have been made official

Nassau, May 4, 2024 – In a few hours the time will come World Athletics Relay Championships, in the Bahamas. The Azzurri are involved in the 4x100m and 4x400m races, in the men’s and women’s classes. The varieties are mentioned

The Azzurri lineups and program – Source Fidal/

The line-up of the Italian relay teams has been made official. On the Italian evening from Saturday to Sunday they will compete in the heats of the World Relays, the special world trophy that will qualify 14 of the 16 five-ring semi-finalists for the Paris Olympics.

These are the quartets (in order of time program and faction) announced by DT Antonio La Torre:

4X400 mixed: Riccardo Meli, Anna Polinari, Lapo Bianciardi, Alessandra Bonora

4×100 women: Zaynab Dosso, Dalia Kaddari, Anna Bongiorni, Alessia Pavese

4×100 men: Roberto Rigali, Marcell Jacobs, Lorenzo Patta, Filippo Tortu

4×400 women: Rebecca Borga, Ayomide Folorunso, Giancarla Trevisan, Alice Mangione

4×400 men: Luca Sito, Vladimir Aceti, Edoardo Scotti, Davide Re

All told, the two fast relays represent the same composition as last year’s world final in Budapest, where the men took silver with 37.62 and the women fourth with the Italian record increased to 42.14 (heat time, 42.49 in the subsequent final). ). In Nassau, environmental conditions are good: last night the rain lowered the humidity, with the wind being the only unknown in atmospheric terms.

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TIME PROGRAM (Italian times)

First day, Italian night between Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 May

1:05: battery 4×400 medley

1:50: 4×100 battery gives

02.25 hours: 4×100 man batteries

3:05: 4×400 battery gives

3:49: batteries 4×400 men

Second day, in the Italian night between Sunday May 5 and Monday May 6

1:05: rematch round 4×100 men

1.40 am: rematch round 4×100 women

2:05: repechage round 4×400 men

2:30 am: repechage round 4×400 ladies

3:04: 4×400 mixed repechage round

3:50: women’s 4×100 final

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