Sunrise Airways is spreading its wings to the Eastern Caribbean

Sunrise Airways has announced the largest expansion of its route network to date with the addition of new intra-regional flights connecting four destinations in the Eastern Caribbean: Antigua, Dominica, St. Kitts and St. Lucia.

The airline will operate the new service from May 25, 2024 using Embraer 120 (EMB-120) twin-turboprop aircraft, with a maximum seating capacity of 30 passengers.

Commenting on the new flights, Sunrise Airways Chairman and CEO Philippe Bayard said: “All of us at Sunrise Airways have cherished every new route we have launched in our airline’s 12-year history. However, this latest expansion is extra special because it brings the mission we started in the Western Caribbean, to better connect our islands under our One Caribbean concept, to the Eastern Caribbean in the biggest way yet. Befitting our name, this is truly the beginning of a new day for intra-regional air travel within the Eastern Caribbean.”

New Sunrise Airways flights within the Eastern Caribbean will operate six days a week (every day except Tuesday). Two daily flights connect Antigua-Dominica and Antigua-St. Kitts, while Antigua-St. Lucia service runs once a day.

“With two rotations per day, our new flights to Antigua, Dominica and St. Kitts offer tremendous flexibility to travelers in those markets,” Bayard said. “At the same time, our new Antigua-St. Lucia Service has the distinction of being the only direct flight connecting two of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. This creates exciting new possibilities for multi-destination travel, combining for the first time the conviviality of Antigua with the Creole savoir-faire of St. Lucia.”

News of Sunrise Airways’ expansion into the Eastern Caribbean follows the October 2023 announcement of the airline’s first-ever flights to/from Miami.

The airline also serves twelve additional gateways in six Caribbean and Central American destinations – Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Panama City and St. Maarten – and has plans to expand further in the Eastern Caribbean in 2024 and beyond .

SOURCE: SBPR Corp. PHOTO: Philippe Bayard, chairman and CEO of Sunrise Airways.