Sebastián Viera plays professional football with an equipment of the B in Colombia – Publimetro Colombia

Sebastian Viera play professional football with equipment from la B in Colombia. Over the different years of the years, during the media of 2023 and in the media, it is a mediocre communication, Four times we have the opportunity to deal with the opportunities and the opportunities. All other material from the Costa Caribe Colombia can reach the puertas.

The diary is on May 3, 2024 El Universal de Cartagena revelation that Sebastián Viera played estaria in the new history of Real Cartagena. El reconocido medio view the periodical version of Hegel Ortegawhat are the details of the possible vinculación in Uruguay with the equipment of the ‘Heroica’.

“Estaría dispuesto a hablar con el Real Cartagena”, Hegel Ortega

Sebastián Viera’s details can be found on Junior’s other age.

Recently, Sebastián Viera, through his profile on Instagram, compared images of his encuentro Miguel Ángel “El Zurdo” López. As ‘El Zurdo’ became increasingly troubled in the 2023 media, recurring hospital admissions are required. Celebrate your congratulations on reunification with Argentina, as you travel to Colombia and live in Soledad, Atlántico.


‘Hola, my gente. I am with a capo de los capos, with ‘el Zurdo’ López. It’s a big one, there are a lot of alegrías. Yo lo quiero mucho. Vinimos hasta su casa para visitarlo y acompa arlo in proportion. ‘Zurdo’, te quiero mucho y gracias por todo lo que nos thiste”, Sebastián Viera

Finally, Sebastián Viera says about the whole ‘juniorism’ that he didn’t hear ‘Zurdo’ López and got an ayuda.

“Vengo saliendo de donde live ‘el Zurdo’ López. A lot of time has passed, it is a fact that it is so. Realmente necessitate all nosotros. It’s an icon, that’s true. No adoptaron, no dieron much. It is the club’s defeat. It’s been many years. It’s always the case that I go through the hagamos all the time, which is more. “Ojalá podamos ayudarlo a él ya su familia que siempre está ahí con él todos los días”, Sebastián Viera

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