Javier Milei described a devaluation and critic of the opposition: “Fundamentalistes del atraso cambiario”

Javier Milei, president of the nationin particular, a political negotiating position for the abolition of the Ley bases in the Cámara de Senadores en mira de reojo la fecha del acuerdo del Pacto de Mayo que se llevaría adelante en Cordoba. With the legislature, freedom can influence the country’s economy.

Guillermo Francos told the Español Ministry of Transport his criticism of Javier Milei and said Sánchez wanted to accept his renunciation

This is the feeling that the fundamentalists of the cambiario are the critics of the budget balance the realignment of the prizes that play the ball of the media class and baja. Because of this motivation, most of a solid position against the country, the dollar and the devaluation.

Javier Milei contra his opositores

“If Argentina has formal budget management, there is poor infrastructure and a market that makes competence difficult, which means there is no money in dollars… Is this a fair depreciation for paying salaries in dollars and increasing costs?”, consult abiertamente Milei.

When you search your perfil on plataformathere is no greater impact on structural reforms what is it possible that competitive matches get a real salary?”. “¿No lesson with a case of 90 years of an invalid receta?”, during the lifetime of La Libertad Avanza.

Javier Milei’s economic critique

The country that is not dudó in most cases of conseguidas in some years of gobierno by your administration: “If there is no budget deficit, if the basic monetaria does not undermine, the reserves and no hay shortage Have you no idea of ​​a valuable response before the pass disruption? Isn’t there a manifestation of high prices in dollars?”.

Ultimately, there is no criticism of the economic programs of the previous governments: “It is true that the system of expensive prices is not… Can’t you use an engine to make a reversal that allows you to compete?”.

Gobierno de España’s reaction to Javier Milei’s criticism: “No correspondence with relations”