María Fernanda Cabal makes Colombia “a point of civil war” and takes on the world

María Fernanda Cabal ensures that propaganda is the reina of propaganda – credit Camila Díaz/Colprensa

The senadora of the Democratic Center María Fernanda Cabal worked against the Latin American and an entrepreneur with Joseph Humire, director of the Center for a Libre en Segura society. With his statements, which are part of episode 32 of Border Wars Podcast, the Congress of the long-term positions is contrary to the ideology that knows several countries in Colombia, while he has the mandate of the President of Gustavo Petro.

The Cabal is convinced that society has led society, Naziism or fascism to some kind of socialism or colectivist doctrine, which has done the publicity good, whatever it is. “It is the reina of propaganda”, precisely the congress in entrepreneurship.

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In the criticism that the ideology has in itself is the fact that this is the influence that Colombia had at the end of this period. Therefore, in a first moment, the country’s politics were put in charge of the ex-president Juan Manuel Santos, while he would lead the country’s process with the Antiguas Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (Farc-EP).

María Fernanda Cabal says there is no division of the Farc – credit Luis Jaime Acosta/Reuters

Due to the perspective that the consequences of the negotiation have, more and more problems can arise. “What is the result? 1,300 illegal groups, the coca-inunda in Colombia, you are not alone in the Farc, which is a bracito, as a dissent“, precisely. The knowledge of a recently informed system on the warning times of the defense of the pueblo, between 2022 and 2023, was created by illegal arms groups of the country with a 36% rate, which extended to 253 national municipalities.

The exams of the weapons actors are evidence in the Farc’s dissent; The Estado Mayor Central (EMC) and the Segunda Marquetalia, for example, can increase their presence in 19 and 15 respective municipalities.

El Estado Mayor Central (EMC) of the Farc disidencias is expanded in several municipalities of Colombia – credit Ernesto Guzmán/EFE

Según Cabal, the Lamadas dissidence, which abandoned its part of the Paz takeover in 2016, has in reality not separated any group from the Farc. “You know that the Farc is now sowing division, its pensioners are more old people, the regalan curules free in Congress, that there is no regalan about the victims in the public fuerza, so vayan and vociferen today their psychiatric illness and their get sick mentally”, as the congressman of the recha.

As the actual panorama of insecurity and violence in Colombia is witnessed, the future is being secured while the world could be devastated. “Hoy Colombia is a point of civil war”, indicó.

María Fernanda Cabal says Juan Manuel Santos is “puso” of Gustavo Petro in the presidency – credit of the Presidency of the Republic

The first time Gustavo Petro became president and gave Juan Manuel Santos victory in the 2022 elections. At the point of his view, Petro’s mandate in the presidency would appear in Colombia. “No hubiera that has to do with the extortion capabilities, not with the smuggling of illegal groups and drug trafficking, if you do not think about the political alliances of the whole world that Santos”, aseguró.

You may wonder if there is actually any investigation into the financing of the campaign of the first instance through the suspicion of illegal food and through the superación the top. The escándalo has helped Ecopetrol’s campaign manager, Ricardo Roa.

While the cosas balances most of the congress, it happened more than a year ago in Petro-governor. Explain that the Colombians are very likely to have the problems they are having. “The security grows like a 300%, the recruitment of niños at 500%, and the international community, callada“, precisely.