Milei entra entra en polemica con Pedro Sánchez en España apela a lazos con Argentina para zanjarla

El Español works with the people who are in Argentina and España to maintain their relationships with friends after a demonstration by the Ministry of Transport, Óscar Puente, against the Argentine president, Javier Mileiprovokes the reaction to the mandate of the Surinamese mandate, committed against the ejection español, Pedro Sanchez.

When we see the manifestations of an event in the city of Salamanca (centro) that are social speeches, it is confirmed that “the speeches last so long that they are irrelevant and irrelevant.” It can be a “soft situation, it is not that it is more”, as the current President of the United States Donald Trump and the actual Argentine mandate.

There are many more lejos and people who have made an election declaration “who has not entered a country and has not agreed to the taking of some livelihood”, without more details.

The manifestations of the español ministry are not solo lord for the office of President of the Argentine Republic, sino para que the member of Conservador Partido Popular (PP), primero de oposición española, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, pida la dimisión o el cese the Puente.

Turn to the “infundados” of Argentine communications

The communication of the office of Milei critic of Puente’s statements, Pedro Sánchez could say with his palabras: “There are much more important problems when we deal with the corruption accusations that we have, but also an evaluation of our renunciation”.

See filing a complaint autodenominado sindicato ultraderechista Manos Limpias against the company of Sánchez, Begoña Gómez, because of the great comisión de delitos de trafico the influence and the corruption in the negotiators, fundamental information about prensa, and that Sánchez califica de bulos.

“The fact that the Reino de España is active accelerates the legal process to explain a short period of corruption that directly affects the estabilization of our country and through the relationship with nuestro país”, continues the text of the Argentine presidency.

There are a few connections the Gobierno español, a journey through his Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, has found “rotundamente” en calificó de “infundados”, I don’t breathe when I correspond “with the relations between people and pueblos hermanos”.

“El Gobierno en el español-pueblo-señaló el españolminister in une comunication-seguirán-manteniendo en fortaleciendo de los lazos confraternities y sus relations en friends y collaboración en la Argentinian pueblovoluntary participation in the española society”.

In the other line, the minister of Igualdad, Ana Redondo, she notes that “the Argentinian pueblo and the pueblo español son These pueblos-hermanos have had a great historical history of logroscomunes and such a seguirá”.

Redondo is still important for the criticism of Milei. “It is important that the relationship between the español and the Argentine pueblo is great,” he emphasized.

Feijóo pide la dimisión de Puente

El president of PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóoif you are in Badalona (Barcelona) during the campaign for the elections in the regional regions of Catalonia, in case rather than that it would “end the sea” by provoking a “political crisis with a patriot” in Argentina.

“The presumption of international relevance and the creation of a political crisis with a herman of the country like the Argentine Republic. It is not that you offend and offend the whole world,” says Feijóo before calling the socialists “son of a fabrica de bulos” and “se mueven como nadie en el lodazal”.

Enseguida le contestó Puente en X: “It is impossible to distinguish oneself from the extreme of the recha”.

“Que entre apoyar a su gobierno oa Milei iba a elegir a Milei, no cotizaba. Ya pide que le hagan a sitio in el mitin con Abascal el 18 de mayo. It is impossible to distinguish yourself from the extreme of the recha”, ha escrito Puente en su cuenta de la red social X.

It is a politics that is characterized by its direct language and social reason as public interventions, and this message has references to the participation of Milei in the May 18th of an encuentro organization in Madrid by the ultra-derechist Vox party, the president of Santiago Abascal, who probably received an Argentine mandate, while he was in Buenos Aires 10 weeks ago collaborated Aires in your toma of the posesión.

After the Vice President of Gobierno, Yolanda Díaz, became a member of the Social Party of the Socialists in Gobieno, she looked PP at the X-cuenta and wrote: “Para sorpresa de nadie, entre el Gobierno español de crecimiento económico y The answer on the crisis and the Argentine government of the recession and the big business, the PP is one of the Milei countries and not a single country”.