Gobierno plants a potabilisadora of water in La Guajira

On an extraordinary jornada for the community of the indigenous people of Manaure, La Guajira, the president of Gustavo Petro was a union that held the inauguration ceremony of a potabilizing plant, in la ‘Misión La Guajira’, a new innovation in the Gobierno and the private sector.

The beginning is an integral part of the national action by Jefe de Estado, This is a proposal based on the integrated needs of 81 communities in Manaure and Uribia, involving more than 3,600 families.

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The corazón de esta jornada is a function of a plant suitable for proving human consumption in the community road of Grasamana, Parenska 1 and Parenska 2, ubicadas in Manaure. Equipped with progressive technology, the plant is a solar photovoltaic system that guarantees sustainable operation.

The President of Petro, during his inaugural discussion, identified the importance of this intervention not only in basic access to services, but in the exploration and respect for the cosmovision and the ancestors of the indigenous communities. Furthermore, the compromise between the alliance and the promoter of the local economy, sustainable tourism and the transition phase is minimized.

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The ‘Mission La Guajira’ is not a limitation in terms of infrastructure, because programs deliver integrated food safety and product projects. Because the life of people to become familiar with the promotion of agricultural practices, through the provision of initiatives in the field of the arts and community association, the misión can have a lasting impact on the living standards of the community beneficiaries.

While the President of Petrograd reaffirms his compromise with the good cause and equality of all Colombian regions, prioritizing historical margins and the vulnerable. For Gobier, the jornada of this sábado represents the beginning of a new era of cooperation and progress in La Guajira.