Marcha del Regimiento Inmortal to defeat the soldiers of the Great Guerra Patria

The Consejo Coordinador de Organizaciones de Compatriots living in Argentina realized on May 4 a social and political organization, the Marcha de Regimiento Inmortal on the 10th anniversary of Plaza San Martín.

The Marcha del Regimiento Inmortal is a civil commemoration that started in Tomsk, Federación de Rusia, in 2012, to honor the sold caídos and veterans of the Second World War in the Great Guerra Patria.

During the period when you become comfortable with the withdrawal of your questions, you can participate in the battle. Marchan lives in an atmosphere of respeto and commemoration as a manera of reporting and delivers at home what lucharon is and sacrifices to eradicate fascist fascism.

May 9 of the «Dia de la Victoria» marked the end of a conflict with the greatest devastation of humanity (1939-1945). The URSS used a crucial document in the Nazi War of Alemania, which sacrificed between 27 and 30 million people in the fight for freedom (1941-1945). It is not a solo celebration of the Valentine of the sold soviets, but the resistance of the pueblo is caused by the fascist oppression.

The part of the monument is Gral. San Martín has realized the monument of the Caídos in Malvinas, although a small piece of silence has been realized and the coordination of the Regimiento Inmortal Argentina, Silvana Jarmoluk, has dedicated a document and a memorial to his former sold Soviet pueblo to date the victims of Nazism. It speaks out against today’s new fascist developments and invites a voyage of discovery “that is latent and azotando in the world”.

The copy of the standard that goes up in flames in the Reichstag column that rules the monument of San Martín to conclude the march of the Russian Federation.