El Gobierno told the general general of the CGT: “It is a political paro that is unjust”

Gobier claims that the general government has given the CGT a political issue that is unjust and considers that the mayor of the municipality has great expectations and hopes during the administration of President Javier Milei.

«No entiendo por qué se para el país. The Argentinians have no parando or intention to protest the country. The mayor has a great expectation and hope that he can follow this process of cambios, like the Ministry of the Interior, Guillermo Francos.

The national official confirmed that the fire conference is “a political paro” and “an unjustified thing.”

This feeling is profound: “It is a sign of recovery at the moment of trust, the calm and not paralyzing, to stop the sale” the intention of the país.

«No tiene pies ni cabeza», conclusion.