Visa for Colombia in Unidos countries: these are the visa tips and their requirements | LRTMCO | Colombia

A visa for Colombia can cost the following: 185, 205 and 315 dólares. Photo: composition LR/Colprensa/Embajada de Estados Unidos en Colombia

For Colombian citizens interested in finding employment opportunities in the United States, this provides a crucial introduction to the different types of visas this country can offer. The choice of a visa depends on several factors, such as the profession of the lawyer, the duration of the prospect of the estancia and the natural situation of the company.

Do you need a Colombian visa to work in Unidos states?

Temporary visas represent an ideal choice for individuals who can be implemented in a Unidos university during a period of restriction. To start applying for these visas, it is necessary for an entrepreneur to make a formality request for a favor. This is the realization of the services to the civilian population and the migration of the Estados Unidos (USCIS), where the evaluation and probably these concerns have been examined.

Visa H-2A for agricultural activities

The H-2A visa is specifically intended for the agricultural sector. Facilitate workers in a uniform state contract for extraneous agricultural practices in agriculture.

The basic requirements for this visa include the patrocinio for part of an established company, who can present a petition in the name of the company, and obtain a certificate for the company that can declare the inadequacy of employment in the United States acknowledge for these temporary positions.

Visa L-1: International Business Transfers

These visas are for employees who are transferred from the big company to an official office in Unidos states. Applicants have their work done by the company in the first years of a year a continuous development in the previous years with regard to healthcare.

Visa E-1 and E-2 for commercial and inversionistas

The E-1 visa is intended for individuals involved in a major trade in Colombia and Unidos states. For other people, the E-2 visa is to make a significant reversal in a trading city, allowing it to have a significant impact on the economy of the Unidos economy.

Visa H-2B for temporary transports without agriculture

This visa category accommodates a large number of temporary workers in agriculture, including sectors such as hostelry and construction. The same applies to the visa H-2A, which requires that an employer be employed in a US state patrol and have a certificate of service that it must be assumed that there is not enough hay to use available establishments and calificados for the chance of recurrences.

Do you want to apply for a visa for Unidos states in Colombia?

The cost of the necessary documents to validate entry into a European Union varies across the category of visa applications. For B1/B2 and BCC category visas, which include trade and tourism, the cost is $185, which amounts to approximately 724,000 Colombian pesos. In the case of visas for trabajadores, the price is 205 dollars, which trades at approximately 802,000 Colombian pesos.

For other people, the Colombian comerciants and reverse Colombians have received about 315 dollars, about 1,233,199 pesos Colombians, from the document that validates their access to Unidos states in these categories.