IAAC MLA strengthens JANAAC’s global leadership

  • IAAC grants JANAAC MLA for calibration laboratories

On March 19, 2024, the Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC), an agency of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Trade (MIIC), was awarded its fourth Inter-American Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC) multilateral recognition scheme (MLA) for accreditation of calibration laboratories according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. This complements JANAAC’s existing IAAC MLAs for testing laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025), medical laboratories (ISO 15189) and inspection bodies (ISO/IEC 17020), strengthening JANAAC’s position as a global leader in accreditation.

The IAAC is a regional association committed to promoting cooperation among accreditation bodies and interested parties in the Americas, with the mission of developing conformity assessment structures, including testing, inspection and certification, to ensure the quality of products , processes and services in the region. The IAAC MLA cultivates mutual trust between accreditation bodies to recognize accreditations issued by each other as equivalent to their own. JANAAC’s participation in robust IAAC peer evaluation and re-evaluation processes confirms the quality and effectiveness of the Agency’s activities as an internationally recognized accreditation body.

Ms. Sharonmae S. Walker, CEO of JANAAC, expressed her excitement and said: “JANAAC’s extension of our IAAC MLA signatory status is an integral part of our mission as we continue to play a critical role in promoting international trade and increasing of consumer confidence in goods and services. services traded by Jamaican and Caribbean companies.”

Minister of Industry, Investment and Trade (MIIC), Senator the Hon. Aubyn Hill stated: “I commend JANAAC for its outstanding performance in renewing its IAAC MLA signatory

status for the accreditation of Calibration laboratories. The MIIC recognizes the importance of using accredited laboratory, inspection and certification bodies to position our country and region as a key player in the global marketplace. Globally, accreditation ensures that products meet international standards, minimizing technical barriers to trade and strengthening the competitiveness of goods and services in the marketplace.

It is essential for our government to continue to support JANAAC’s accreditation of entities to advance our economic agenda of exponentially growing exports as a means of securing our nation’s prosperity.”

Through this latest IAAC MLA, JANAAC accredited calibration laboratories will benefit from greater international recognition of the reports they produce on calibration activities, increasing confidence with customers, trading partners and regulators. The impact of using accredited calibration services extends to several sectors. In healthcare, accurate calibration of medical equipment is critical to patient care and safety because hospitals and medical facilities can rely on the accuracy and reliability of their medical devices. Similarly, in the construction industry, the calibration of construction equipment ensures the structural integrity and safety of buildings, roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects. Furthermore, calibration plays a crucial role in ensuring food safety, quality and compliance with international standards. For example, in food processing facilities, temperature monitoring equipment such as thermometers and temperature controllers must be regularly calibrated to ensure that food is stored and processed at the correct temperatures to prevent bacterial growth and ensure food safety.

JANAAC is the only internationally recognized accreditation body in the English-speaking Caribbean, providing technical training and accreditation services to laboratories, inspection and certification bodies in eleven (11) CARICOM states. The Agency remains committed to promoting quality assurance and trade enhancement in the Caribbean and beyond.