DVIDS – News – USS Abraham Lincoln has completed its Board of Inspection and Investigation

The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) completed its Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) review on May 1.

During INSURV, more than 150 inspectors boarded Abraham Lincoln to observe and assess hundreds of spaces, events and demonstrations in port and at sea. INSURV inspectors examined the readiness of multiple warfighting areas on the ship, including engineering, combat systems and navigation, as well as the habitability and quality of living spaces.

“Congratulations to the Lincoln crew for their outstanding performance during this rigorous inspection,” said Capt. Pete Riebe, Abraham Lincoln’s commanding officer. “Your efforts to ensure our combat readiness matter, and they do not go unnoticed. You have proven to the Navy and the nation that our ship is ready to go into harm’s way and that our systems are ready to conduct the full spectrum of operations feed.”

Abraham Lincoln’s successful performance is the result of the crew’s dedicated efforts and preparation. Leading up to INSURV, the crew completed preliminary Material Condition Assessment Team (MCAT) inspections to ensure the vessel and crew were prepared.

INSURV is a Congressionally mandated inspection of all U.S. Navy ships to report ship readiness and ensure that all spaces, equipment and warfighting areas meet the Navy standards required to sustain and sustain combat operations.

“We are gathered here today as a team to make the critical preparations for the largest inspection this ship will undergo in a three-year period after actual combat, and that is our combat readiness inspection,” said Lt. Cmdr. Aaron Mitchem, ship safety officer and Abraham Lincoln’s INSURV coordinator. “Combat readiness is our mission, so this inspection is incredibly important. I am excited to show the inspectors who come on board how ready we are to answer the nation’s call, anytime, anywhere.”

Immediately following INSURV, the crew will continue to prepare for continued excellence in maintaining combat and mission readiness for the future.

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