Likely victims of a robbery gone wrong

The Attorney General of Baja California María Elena Andrade Ramírez has shared researchers’ theories about what led to the disappearance of Australian brothers Jake And Callum Robinson and their American friend Jac Carter Rhode during a surfing trip in Mexico.

Speaking to media, the attorney general said investigators believe the three men were the targets of a robbery.

“When they tried to obtain the vehicle, the victims resisted the robbery. The robbers were armed with a firearm and apparently shot the victims,” she is quoted by The Herald Sun as told to 7News.

According to the ABC, the attorney general previously described the crime as opportunistic and ruled out links to organized crime.

Three bodies were discovered early Saturday (Australian time) in a 15-metre deep well near a coastal cliff.

Although they have yet to be formally identified, Maria Elena Andrade Ramirez was quoted by 7News as saying: “All three bodies meet the characteristics to assume with a high degree of probability that they are the American Carter Rhoad, as well as the Robinson brothers from Australia. .”

She explained that this likelihood is related to “their clothing and certain characteristics such as long hair and specific physical descriptions.” DNA testing is currently being conducted.

Three suspects have been arrested in connection with the deaths. According to The Herald SunSpanish-language local news channel Zeta Tijuana identified the suspects as Jesus Gerardo Garica Cota (known as El Kekas), his partner Ari Gisel Garcia Cota and brother Cristian Alejandro Garcia.

The parents of Jake and Callum Robinson Martin And Debra Robinson flew to Mexico on Friday (Australian time) and said in a statement to the media: “Callum and Jake are beautiful people. We love them so much and this breaks our hearts. Our only consolation right now is that they were doing something together that they loved passionately.

It was Debra who initially raised the alarm after not hearing from her sons for several days and being unable to contact them on mobile.